In 1980 Antonio Mainiero founded an artisan footwear company, aimed mainly at taking care of the hand stitching and a few other steps that concerned the production of a shoe at that time. In those years, in fact, this particular task was carried out by the women in the house between one affair and the other for a few cents a couple.

Over the years the company, while remaining a typical family business, has managed to consolidate its growth by gradually introducing machinery. At the same time his nephew, Giovanni, growing up begins to appear and take an interest in this new world. Soon he will inherit this great passion. At the young age of 14 precisely, he began working alongside his uncle, and with the arrival of his firstborn in 1997, he decided to give a name to the company. Thus the De.Ma.

De.Ma. Comfort today is a shoe factory that operates in the design and production of men’s and women’s footwear, paying particular attention to materials, always of first quality and to details. Our main specialization is in fact the treatment of leather, rigorously true and never synthetic, which is chosen and then subsequently processed in a laboratory equipped with tools that allow processing, now eliminated by the large industry.

The result is the creation of products capable of combining the production of high craftsmanship with the continuous search for innovative materials and techniques, aimed at enhancing and bringing Made in Italy to the top.